Hi. I'm Trevor

I write code for a living. I connect kickass people to one another for fun. I'm Niagara's first, but not only, coworking evangelist. I share what I've learned about the foundations of freelancing with anyone who asks, and teach my kids and others to code when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm part of a group of independents, small businesses and freelancers who are on the front lines of the changing business landscape Niagara. Business here is growing smarter, more resilient. People get that the best opportunities in life don't come from working for others but from working for themselves. It doesn't mean you have to start a huge company; it just means you have to treat yourself as if you were a company. The interesting thing I've discovered along the way about that: our work becomes more human.

These are a collection of thoughts, ideas, tools and tactics that have interested me as I've travelled this path. I hope they interest you, too.